B2B sales & Covid-19

Published on 6 November 2020 at 14:44

Face-2-face interactions have been limited due to COVID-19. In sales, the personal approach is still a very important factor. The Netherlands finds itself in an unfavourable position and all are urged to work from home, unless necessary. Buyers prefer to meet digitally. But how does one show new products or even introduce a new brand from a distance?


SD Design has an effective retail webshop  where all available stock can be seen and (pre-)orders can be placed. The digital self-service is an important way to maintain connection and establish trade. The advantages are ease of scheduling, saving of traveling expenses and safety, obviously. It’s mainly the prospects and new customers that require visits, that will be postponed for the time being. Phone and video calls are what we do right now. If a customer insists on a physical meeting, all measurements will be taken in order to secure safety.  


Together with SD Design we have found a Corona-proof way to make sure buyers can see and feel new products without actually meeting. We composed a sample-box that is sent back and forth to our customers. The buyer get to see and feel all the products and will return the box when ready. Once the box comes in, all items are thoroughly cleaned before it goes out again. We have few boxes available and they can be filled with items of interest. We can prepare you a box with new items, bestsellers or just bridles.


Interest in receiving a sample box? Please contact us here  


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