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Published on 9 July 2020 at 10:06

Let us introduce to you.... SD Design! Beautiful riding equipment, focused on bridles and horse wear. The bridles are made of eco friendly leather, designed with anatomi in mind. Danish design with a touch of sparkle. The brand is on fire in Scandinavia and Germany and now ready to shake Dutch ground!

SD Design started off in 2014 as one of the first to introduce anatomical bridles into the market. The importance of a well fitted bridle, both in size and model, are nowadays acknowledged by both professional and amateur riders. Most equestrian brands picked up the trend and started making anatomical bridles too. Despite that, many times you find a poor fitted bridle being advertised as a comfortable and horse-friendly bridle. SD Design will make no concessions when it comes to wellbeing, the comfort of the horse is always put first. Still they manage to design bridles that look glamorous yet sophisticated. And maybe the best part of it all; the pricing is beyond reasonable!



Horse wear made by SD Design is also immensely popular. Many sparkles and rhinestones are included as we all know that horse girls love to make their four legged friends shine bright like a diamond. The Glamorous and Gem collection were sold out before the season really even started. New collections are in the making and soon we will hit the road with AW20/21 and new bridle collections. The samples have arrived with us and are ready for presentation. If you wish to make an appointment please contact us. See more about SD Design via Facebook or Instagram   


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