The bond between humans and horses is a strong one. From warfare and transportation to leisure and sport, horses have had a huge impact on the human race as early as the Stone Age. Since the reign of King Louis XIV of France, horse gambling became a billion-dollar industry. Today we find horses used for companionship and sports like Dressage and Showjumping. Equestrian therapy is recognized and applied to patients with PTSS, depression and other mental health issues.

"As majestic, hardworking and loyal companions, horses have befriended and helped humans for thousands of years and, for this, they deserve our love, respect and protection."


The horse industry and its economic importance is significant. Both The Netherlands and Belgium are amongst the countries with highest horse density per capita and their breeds gained worldwide acknowledgment. Various type of businesses are related to horses and the sector provides employment to many people. Our agency mediates between equestrian sports brands & -retailers. Best Equestrian Brands aims to build strong brand positions and to be a preferred partner to retailers.